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Manhattan Scientifics Celebrates Imagion Biosystems’ Milestones in Early Cancer Detection Technology

(May 31, 2023) Manhattan Scientifics Inc., which provided the initial funding & currently owns more than 50 million shares of Imagion Biosystems Ltd. celebrates Imagion's remarkable progress in early cancer detection technology. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Early Results from Cancer Company

(March 17, 2022) Manhattan Scientifics Inc., announces positive early results from Imagion Biosystems Cancer Diagnostic human study. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Cancer Imaging Asset Announces Progress on Australian Human Clinical Study

(November 1, 2021) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (OTC: QB),  initially funded and is the current owner of more than 50 million shares of Imagion Biosystems Ltd. (IBX.AX). Full release

Imagion Biosystems First-in-Human Study Update: First Patient Enrolled

(May 26, 2021) MELBOURNE—Imagion Biosystems Limited(ASX:IBX), a company dedicated to improving healthcare through the earlier detection of cancer, is pleased to announce that the first patient has been enrolled in the MagSense® HER2 breast cancer Phase I first-in-human study. Full release

MHTX Stock Chart Mimics That of Its Largest Investment to Date: Imagion Biosystems

(March 11, 2021) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (OTCQB: MHTX) invested $30 million and a 10-year effort to commercialize the Imagion Biosystems (IBX: AX) super early, non- invasive, non-radioactive Cancer diagnostic, now “partnered” with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston. The company is awaiting regulatory approval to initiate human cancer trials. Full release

Imagion Biosystems 2020 Full-Year Results

(February 25, 2021) Manhattan Scientifics Inc, an American medical technology incubator that seed funded IBX and then spun it out as a public company on the Australian stock exchange is pleased to provide this update on Imagion Biosystems 2020 Full-Year Results. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Issues Year End Update

(February 9, 2021) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc. a company that acquires, develops and commercializes life-enhancing technologies is pleased to announce year-end business updates on its two nano technologies for 2020: its Nano-Medicine Cancer and Nano-Medical Metal Alloy ventures. Full release

MHTX Former Wholly Owned Sub Announces Breast Cancer Diagnostic Test Begin with First-in-Human Study

(December 17, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (MHTX: OTCQB) announces that the first 15-person human study to provide a safety assessment for the company’s use of Nanoparticles for breast cancer detection is underway at Imagion Biosystems Inc. Trades as IBX.AX. Full release

MHTX Featured in New Research Paper “Implications on Improving Longevity of Medical Devices”

(November 12, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc., announces that University of New Mexico Tech Biology professor Dr. Rebecca Reiss has published new research that sheds light on how titanium implants interact with human tissue, potentially paving the way for a new generation of medical inserts that last longer. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Features Early Cancer Detection Technology

(November 10, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. provides a 45-minute interview with Imagion Biosystems Chairman/CEO Bob Proulx describing the very-early-cancer-diagnostic development that MHTX incubated and helped to go public on the Australian stock exchange: IMAGION BIOSYSTEMS LTD. Trades as IBX.AX. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Metals Licensee Featured in Titanium Today Issue

(August 18, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. announces one of America’s leading high quality material manufacturers for medical devices – a key supplier in the U.S. and abroad – is featured in Titanium Today a magazine published by the International Titanium Association. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Rising Price & Volume

(August 13, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (OTCQB: MHTX) owns 50+ Million shares of its former wholly-owned subsidiary cancer diagnostic company Imagion Biosystems Ltd. (AX: IBX). Full release

MHTX Metals Licensee Featured on Cover of the JOM

(July 1, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. announces one of America’s leading high quality material manufacturers for medical devices– a key supplier in the U.S. and abroad – is featured on the cover of The Journal of Materials. Full release

MHTX Affiliate Moves to Initiate its First FDA Human Clinical Early Cancer Detection Studies

(February 26, 2020) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc., a principal & major shareholder of Imagion Biosystems Ltd. (IBX.AX) announces IMAGION’S initiation of manufacturing medical devices and pharma products to be used in first human clinical studies of very early cancer detection as approved by the FDA. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Business Updates

(January 14, 2020) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. announces business updates on its two nano technologies. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Seed Funded Imagion Biosystems & Owns 64 Million Shares IBX

(July 25, 2019) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics (OTC; QB MHTX) announces its former wholly owned sub Imagion Biosystems (ASX:IBX) Receives A$2 million in R&D Tax Incentives from the Australian Government (ATO). Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Updates its Previous July 19th Press Release

(July 22, 2019) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics clarifies that it continues to own 64 million shares of Imagion Biosystems Ltd (ASX: IBX). Neither MHTX nor its management have sold any MHTX or IBX shares and have no present intention to do so. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Breakthrough Device for Detection of Cancer

(July 18, 2019) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc.’s former wholly-owned subsidiary that was initially funded by MHTX, Imagion Biosystems Ltd (ASX:IBX) over a nine-year period has received confirmation from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that the MagSense System and Test for staging HER2 breast cancer has qualified for and been granted designation as a breakthrough device. The cancer diagnostic technology further develops the early work of physicist Edward R. Flynn, PhD. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Prepares for Future: Considers Acquisition and Path to Uplisting

(July 9, 2019) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. today issued an update on the status of the company and its future plans. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Completes Licensing Deal for its Patented Metals Nanotechnology

(May 2, 2019) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc., is pleased to announce that the company has completed an exclusive license and transfer of specialty machines to a large American metals manufacturer who provides specialty metals to the U.S. and global medical industry. The proprietary technology is designed to substantially improve and strengthen the bonding of medical prosthetics to human bone. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Inc. Issues Shareholder Update on its Nano-Metals Technology

(December 12, 2018) NEW YORK--Manhattan Scientifics Inc., today announced that the company is involved in discussions to license its nano-metals technology and related intellectual property to a medical industry metals manufacturer. Full release

Magnetic Nanoparticles Leap From Lab Bench to Breast Cancer Clinical Trials

(May 2, 2018) Manhattan Scientifics, Inc. today issued an update on its affiliates' progress regarding its Early Cancer Detection Diagnostic. Full release

MHTX Provides Corporate Update

(October 5, 2017) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. today issued an update on the status of the company and its technologies. The Company is a substantial owner of two Nanotechnologies. Full release

Manhattan Scientifics Announces Successful Completion of its Affiliate Imagion Biosystems IPO

(June 22, 2017) Manhattan Scientifics Inc. (MHTX), Imagion Biosystems (IBX) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) collectively have invested over $20M to develop and commercialize the cancer diagnostic nanotechnology originally developed by Dr. Flynn. Full release

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