Manhattan Scientifics Reaches the Fork (Falk) in the Road

Turns to a marketing wizard behind Viagra and Celebrex to commercialize its MRX technology

August 20, 2014

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"The entire Manhattan Scientifics team is delighted to welcome Spencer Falk"

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.--Spencer Falk, whose marketing expertise was mission-critical to the blockbuster success of Viagra and Celebrex, among other medical brands, today announced that he would lead the commercialization of early cancer detection technology for Senior Scientific, a division of Manhattan Scientifics (OTCQB:MHTX). Mr. Falk previously held senior marketing positions at Pfizer and Forest Laboratories, and has had a 35-year career in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sector fields.

Gerald Grafe, president of Senior Scientific, commented, “We’re in the rapid, early-detection business, and the fastest way we know for top corporate partners to detect us is via Mr. Falk’s sterling position in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry.” Spencer Falk’s personal contacts include senior management professionals leading oncology product development at firms including Merck, Astra-Zeneca/Medimmune, Pfizer, Esai, Johnson & Johnson and others. Mr. Falk will replace Loraine Upham.

Mr. Falk had been responsible for introducing Senior Scientific to the key oncology researchers at the MD Anderson Cancer Research Hospital, which led to their undertaking validation studies. MD Anderson received and is testing Senior Scientific’s first early-detection device (called “MRX”). The technology, developed by Edward R. Flynn, PhD, provides the most specific and most sensitive method for detecting cancer currently known.

“On its basic level, MRX technology works like an ambulance,” says Falk. “It saves lives by connecting patients with their required treatments in less time. But it does more: it has the potential to shift the paradigm in the rapidly expanding field of personalized medicine, where MRX may enable targeted therapies to achieve higher cure rates in appropriate patients. For these reasons, I believe Senior Scientific’s technology may be in great demand from multiple sectors wishing to harness both speed and precision in “next generation” therapies."

Marvin Maslow, founder of Manhattan Scientifics, said, “Nothing succeeds like success so we recruited Spencer Falk. His addition to our team accelerates our drive to commercialization significantly. With Spencer and (president) Gerald Grafe’s leadership, we’ve assembled the capital, the technology and the determination behind just about every success story we know. Now Senior Scientific can proceed -full speed towards doing good and doing well.”

“The entire Manhattan Scientifics team is delighted to welcome Spencer Falk,” said Manny Tsoupanarias, CEO of Manhattan Scientifics. “He shares our passion and vision for the future of both cancer diagnostic technology and personalized medicine. With Spencer’s help, we expect to achieve market leadership positions in far less time, and with his track record for creating exceptional value we expect to delight our shareholders.”

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